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new one   
07:19am 03/04/2005
mood: crazy
this is my new livejournal love it,
go to it or u will pay.... me two pennies
found this on brandons livejournal and i am bored so ya   
07:46am 31/03/2005
mood: flirty
I AM: bored
I WANT: food.
I HAVE: purple shoes
I WISH: i had a mohawk
I HATE: smart ppl
I FEAR: cheerleaders and yellow
I SEARCH: for gnomes
I WONDER: how can i be like sonny
I REGRET: portland hating me
I LOVE: MUSIC, from first to last, sonny(everyone most love sonny), friends
I AM NOT: as stupid as ppl think
I DANCE: no i skank
I CRY: never.... ok mabye once but that was because something bite me
I WRITE: lyrics,
I WIN: ya bitches
I LOSE: always beside the one above
I CONFUSE: people.
I NEED: a girlfriend
I SHOULD: clean my room

1) Single or Taken: single
2) Your Age: 16
3) Sign: stop
4) Siblings: shane
5) Hair color: brown
6) Eye color: Blue.
7) Shoe size: 9 1/2
8) Full name as stated on birth certificate:travis william landry
9) Time you woke up today: 6:27am
10) Where were you born: somewhere
11) What do you wash your clothes in: a machine
12) What kind of car do you drive: 1998 Chevy Truck that lost its name so i call bluey
F a v o r i t e s:
1.number: 3
2.color: purple
3.day: saturday
4.month: octuber
5.song: from first to last - failure by designer jeans
6.food: tacos
7.season: fall
8.sport: football
9.drink: dr. pepper
alcoholic - i dont drink (wink wink)

R e l a t i o n s h i p s:
1. who is your best friend(s)?: robb, ryan, actually thats all my friends
2. do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: no, tear

S t u f f:
1. where is your favorite place to shop: to poor to shop
2. do you have any piercings?: no but i want them i want them bad
3.Name 5 bands/singers you listen to:
1. from first to last/senses fail
2. mcr
3. the used
4. alexisonfire
5. a static lullaby

4.Name 3 things you hate:
1. bright light (it burns my eyes)
2. yellow
3. cheerleaders

S p e c i f i c s:
1. do you do drugs?: no
2. what kind of shampoo do you use?: dog shampoo, jk
3. what are you most scared of?: a world of cheerleaders
5. who is the last person that called you?: lauren
6. where do you want to get married?: somewhere dark, yes dark
7. how many buddies are online right now?: i dont have buddies

H a v e Y o u E v e r:
1. given anyone a bath?: no
2. smoked?: yes but i quit
3. bungee jumped?: off a tree
4. made yourself throw up?: no never figured it out
5. skinny dipped?: yeah
6: ever been in love?: once but never after that
7. Lied to get out of trouble?: yes
8. pictured your crush naked?: mabye
9. actually seen your crush naked?: no
10. cried when someone died?: Yes
11. lied: of course
12. fallen for your best friend?: no
13. been rejected?: yup
14. rejected someone?: mabye
15. used someone?: ok really look at me, been used
16. done something you regret?: yes
C u r r e n t:
-clothes: jeans with holes, anatomy of a ghost t-shirt, ska wrist band, nightmare underwear
-hair: yes
-book: i cant read
-in cd player: from first to last - dear diary...
-in dvd player: invader zim

L a s t P e r s o n:
-you touched: myself, jk
-hugged: shannon
-you imed: kelly

A r e Y o u:
-understanding: yes
-open-minded: yes
-arrogant: yes
-insecure: yes
-interesting: no
-random: very
-hungry: very
-smart: mabye
-moody: can be
-hard working: never
-organized: yeah right
-difficult: to kemp yes
-bored easily: yeah im always bored.
-messy: very
-obsessed: with some things

R a n d o m:
-In the morning I am: sleeping
-All I need is: music
-I dream about: killer monkeys

O p p o s i t e S e x:
-what do you notice first: idk
-last person you danced with: gracie
-worst question to ask: how old are u
-who do you have a crush on: lauren
-who has a crush on you: lauren

D o Y o u E v e r:
-sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to come on?: no never... ok mabye
-wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: cant say i have
-wish you were younger: fuck no
-cried because someone said something to you?: no.

N u m b e r:
-of times I have had my heart broken: 1
-of hearts I have broken: 12
-of continents I have lived in: One
-of tight friends: 3
-of cds I own: somewhere around 120
-of scars on my body: lost count

F i n a l Q u e s t i o n s:
1. do you like filling these out?: yes, when i am bored and have nothing esle to do.
2. gold or silver: Silver
3. what was the last film you saw at the movies?: boogey man (funny movie)
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bored in school   
07:28am 31/03/2005
mood: groggy
hey ppl its me, yes i have no life and its boring here so i am updating, nothing to great has happen, got to talk to lauren on tuesday, and then thought about leaving the band, since i am not to important to it, then went to school, failed the capt again, stupid reading i cant read how can i pass, but then i had to go to work, worked with jessica and jessica, really confusing, but they are kool, jessica wipe a bugar onto jessica and then she fought she was gunna throw up, that just funny, then the same jessica poke the other jessica in the ass, again truely funny. thats about it since i got home at like 8 because my grandfather drive like 5 miles per hour, but i got to drive back that didnt take as long. then surpisingly lauren called me again last night and i talked to her till like 1040 since we watched southpark on the phone, i never meet a girl who likes south park, but she really good at naming band, surpised me sometimes. but shes really kool and we might hang out friday night if she gets home early enough, oh i staying at robbs house thats great my little boy is growing up so quick. but ya after talking i watched from first to last and then went to sleep since i work tonight hurray, and this time i am working with like old ppl i dont like old ppl. but hey i get money so i dont complain. well till i have more interesting stuff to say.
ok this may work   
07:59am 28/03/2005
mood: cheerful
hey ppl its travis, this weekend was ok at times, friday was us acting like asses (the band and i) then i went to take a nap, but robb jumping onto me and almost killed me, then we called up nikki to see if they were staying at the mall till we get there but no so me and robb got really sad since i didnt get to meet lauren and robb didnt get to see nikki. but then he stole my blanket and i went online. then saturday i woke up at 6:30 in the morning and went to work then again was supposed to go meet lauren but my mom didnt want to drive out there and i went home and sleeped then had to go back to work, but i did get to talk to lauren and shes really kool. then sunday .... well sunday i sat around all day, watching the crow and nightmare before chrismas, and listening to fftl, which was pretty fun. then monday the band had try outs for the ehhs talent show, i dont think we made it. but it was fun afterwards, i slide down this muddy hill on my ass and ryan and mike were making fun of me then they feel and went down on there ass to which was karma at work. then we just fooled around at iga then went home, were i slept till 10 woke up since kemp called me and told me that we were doing helena instead of ride the wings of presitllence, tear, but watever i have to power in the band they dont listen to me. well wensday i work, but friday i also have to work but robb and i may stay at his house so i can meet lauren finally and that would make the week better, well leave me so love in the comments or i will sick my evil gnomes onto u all... jk... or am i
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11:41pm 24/03/2005
mood: bored
Put an 'X' in all that apply and ur first name at the bottom

[] give me your number?
[] kiss me?
[] let me kiss you?
] watch a movie with me?
[] take me out to dinner?
[] drive me somewhere(once i get my license, but if i really love you, i wouldnt wait..lol)
[] take a shower with me?
[] be my bf/gf?
[] have a fling with me?
[] buy me a drink?
[] take me home for the night?
[] Would you let me sleep in your bed?
[] Sing car karaoke w/ me?
[] re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[] Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere

D0 Y0U...
[] think im hot?
[] want to kiss me?
[] want to cuddle wit me?
[] want to hook up with me?
[] loooooooooooooove me?

[] aquintences?
[] friends?
[] so called "together" but not "officially"?
[] in a relationship?
[] gonna have kids?
[] hookin up?

AM i...
[] smart?
[] cute?
[] funny?
[] cool?
[] ugly?
[]the best
[] hot

[] thought about me?
[] thought there might be an "us"?
[] thought about hookin up with me?
[] found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
[] wished i were there?

ARE Y0U...
[] done with this survey?
[] happy you know me?
[] mad at me?
[] thinking about me?
[] going to repost this so that i will return the fav
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to make up for time   
11:09pm 24/03/2005
mood: tired
hey ppl it me
this week was long, friday i went to the mall with ryan,robb,and joe and we walked around flirted with some girls, ate, then got kick out for throwing wet towelet at a person but they thought it was a condom, so ya it was interesting. then saturday me and rob went to the mall and i bought a jacket, and rob meet up with a old girlfriend, it was annoying, then we watched saw i love that movie, then we practice in the band. then sunday we finished the basement to make it look better for band practice, its really kool now, there are blue lights and ya its really kool. then monday, did nothing, tuesday i had to work till like 8 then went home and slept. wensday, went home and was gunna go to a basketball game but i had to work again till 8 and went to sleep early again. thursday i woke up about 9 and took a shower, then called ryan to see if we were still gunna have practice, and we did but at first it was just me,kemp,ryan,and robb, then mike and rob came over but we never had practice but we did fool around like idiots all day, i need footage for my video so we filmed to and probly will tomarrow its so fun. plus one of the best things about today was being able to talk to kelly since shes the koolest emo lover girl ever. then saturday i have to work, but hopefully will do something kool after that. well thats it today i dont know just tired aso later.
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To Carlo We'll Miss Thee   
10:03am 14/03/2005
mood: sad

Carlo -
We will all miss you...,
in one way or another
R.I.P 3/11/05

Goodbye! Goodbye Goodbye

November 10th, a cold dark night
You could feel that something wasn't right.
That night many hearts did cry
When we learned we had to say goodbye.

All embraced under one common song
the body is dead but life lives on.
All embraced under one common song
the body is dead but life lives on.

Good-bye Steven. Good-bye you friend.
You were so young. You were so young.
Good-bye Steven. Good-bye you friend.
You were so young.

The Cars lined the streets, as it was coming to an end.
The sun shined so brightly the day we buried our friend.

All embraced under one common song
the body is dead but life lives on.
All embraced under one common song
the body is dead but life lives on.

Good-bye Steven. Good-bye you friend.
You were so young. You were so young.
Good-bye Steven. Good-bye you friend.
You were so young. You were so young.

Losing in the fall, lost innocence came down
An 18 year old boy was buried in the ground.
A family's broken hearts, a friend's streaming tears.
The light lost in death, the living's growing fears.
Of Eternal darkness or is it spiritual light
To come with terms with death on the darkest night.
A brother lost a brother, a friend lost a friend,
a mother lost a son but Steven's soul will never end.

(You were so young)
A brother lost a brother, a friend lost a friend,
a mother lost a son but Steven's soul will never end.
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fun times leave   
09:39am 14/03/2005
mood: sad
hey ppl in school, tought day since carlo has past on, i been wearing a black jacket in honor of him. but beside that friday was a cram day, the band practice for 6 hours to get ready for the show, it is great we sounded good, then everyone left but robb and ryan who slept over, man does ryan snore. then saturday we woke up at 8:30 and we ran into the other room and robb was still sleeping so we jumped onto him on the bed, it was kool, i flew off. thne mike came over we packed everything up and then shoveled out the driveway and then did the nieghboors and mike wanted to to have a snowball fight so he throw some at me then i chased him with a shovel, then we went to burger king good food, then we made this like 6 foot snow man and jumped into it, so much fun, got into another snow fight with some kids on the other side of a fence, we won. then we went to the dance that we be playing at. it was pretty dumb till the dance started then we got to fool around and stuff. we were going to go on at 8 but kemp but it back to 8:30 then to 9 then to whenever someone kyle got there, so once he finally got there we started our set, starting with finch - stay with me. it was me mike and kemp onto of our amps then once the drums begining stop we jumped off and played, finch was our best song we jumped around and everything. then we played the used - taste of ink, sort of messed up but still it was great, then ended with Blink-182 = First Date, the night was kool. kemp got a groupie that now dates him, mike and rob got like number out the ying yan, i got called freaky and got a dance with a mormon girl which was weird, but also a recording deal of some short, dave... well dave didnt get much love and neither did i, but he'll get someone soon.
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i am scared   
08:10pm 10/03/2005
mood: nervous
ok ppl, tomarrow is the last day of band practice before the show, and i am nervous as fuck, i got finch donw by heart and the used is a trip throu the park, but blink is another story, lucky we have all tomarrow to get it down and we can do it. my mom is so cool right now give her mad props and love since she suports the band 100% she just bought me another guitar for the show, it was so sweet. she is really great, but ya we have practice tomarrow so no one call ryan or kemp since they need to practice ( i dont need to warn since no one calls me anyways) but i cant beleive my dream is finally coming into focus, the band is so great they dont know how much i care about this and everything, they are like family. well if you want to see the show i am bring my camera to it and rob will film it and i put it up on livejournal for you all. but ya so this weeks been interesting kempie might have to break up with his first girl friend tear, my poor kemp. and ryan likes this girl that both me and kemp dont like (i hate her) but i cant say that to her face since she start talking to me and ya. i been talking to kelly cullen ... over livejournal good old journal, keep me talking to kool kids. she was rejected by a bottle cap, tear. oh wow this will be the first time i talk about beaver and kenny on my journal that surpiseing, well i make fun of beaver all the time, and she gets mad at me but ya soher boyfriend kenny gives me gummie faces everyday in bio, and today i was eating them and i heard this screaming sound type thing but t wasnt loud or anything it was soft and i had a blonde moment and thought that it was the gummie screaming and ya beaver heard me and started to make fun of me, but since i known her for a pretty long time i had dirt on hear, like once her boyfriend kenny was playing cards and answered a question at the same time that he thought danielle was a bimbo, not really meaning it so i brought that back up, she shut up. oh i got in trouble with mrs martin since i have a bad aditude in class, just since i was tired, and i said that i wouldnt be tired if she actually taught something, she wsnt to happy. well taht about it, i have to go and play my guitar some more. call me at 267-4310 or firday saturday and sunday at 342-0757 i would love your company.
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interesting day   
09:18pm 07/03/2005
mood: amused
hey ppl out there on your asses reading this, today was a very intersting day, got to school and learned that @ our concert we cant play fall out boy since my line that read " with every breath i take i wish your baoy would be broken again" teari love that song. but hey i think we are doing the used now so the set goes - finch "stay with me" the used "taste of ink" then ending with Blink 182 "first date" since they broke up and we had to tribute them. so its gunna be a crazy show. but speaking about the band finally our lead singer kemp got a girlfriend, this was his first girlfriend so its a big deal. i proud of him, just makes me feel a bit sad but hey i got my music to deal with. then got to talk to niki o shes kool. but bio was pretty wierd, we had a lab to do so everyone was fooling around and we had masking tape and i kept throwing it at jess and christine (teen) to annoy them then they put tape in my hair and patted it down that sort of hurt a bit, lost some hair from it. but was really surpising was something niki did, i had been tickeling her since she kept grabbing my sides and pt tape on her back so she was mad at me a bit, but after i pulled the tape out of my hiar she walked behnd me and started to like massage my head, it felt wierd and was a weird thing she did it, but hey im not complaining. i finaly finished my gir project, which is a video about gir and it took a really long time to do. and i finsihed my skating vid, starting my next one so anyone ood at skating reply. oh and guess wat ppl i might get into colleage depending wat mr gusky says about me in the letter of rec. but it look like a good chance... hurray ill be the first to go to collaege in my whole famliy. oh ya i had a kool concept for a music video. it starts with the band all locked in a building and start to get killed off then its only kemp and he confronts the killer and it is himself( i stole it from boy meets world a bit but hey all great ideas come from somewhere.) but ya thats about it so now you can go exercise and lose that ass fat you just got from reading this. there is bout 2000 calories in this journal you should really cut back on them they aint good for u
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read it, love it, live it   
08:51pm 06/03/2005
mood: full
man this weekend was crazy, my mom is away so i been in east hampton but i had to have band practice since next weekend is the show and ya so i got called at like 9 by kemp and was told ryan our lead and most important bass wasnt going so i had to play lead and that i had to be at the deli soon shince practice was at 10 and i was still in my boxers and asleep so i had to rush and almost fell down my stairs, but i got to the deli with mikes guitar on my back and the same shirt on that i had on friday, yes i know its nasty. well we got to practice and had to pick mike up and then rob got there and we had to set up the room and it was all good we finished that quick and started to practice. we started with finch since we knew it best and it would be the video that we send to get the gig. so i got to play bass and it was fun i not to bad. but we got the whole thing down really good and then we decided to film it. we had to film like 5 times since we kept messing up and one time i screamed out fuck and its a church that we are trying to play at so ya not to smart. but then we finaly were ready for the real one. but rob had a bit of gas so right before we start to play he lets one rip and it stinks up the whole back were i am and i almost died of the smell but i didnt and we filmed but i wasnt in it to well. but i was proud of myself i did good, i came in at the right time and i sang at the right time and started on the right point with "stay - with me-" so ya and then at the end i went into this like craze (for anyone that has seen the used or there music video for box of sharp objects then that little stunt the ass player does when he slaps the strings insted of plucking them) well thats at i did and it worked so good, then at the end i spit my pick since i did play with one in the begining , at kemp our lead singer but missed. then we hung around and went up stirs were we jumped onto my bed over this chiar and stuff it was dumb but so much fun god. but rob and i got pretty hurt. then we went home to get ready for the party at kristas which i felt so apriveleged to go to(or how ever u spell it) but mike came over to my house and we just sat around listen to music then we drove all the way back to portland again and had to go like the longest way around to get to kristas but we made it and the party at first i thought was going to be like i stand in corner not seen but it wasnt, i hung out in this room with like strobe crismas lights till kristin had to trn them off, shes so abusive, and i got to talk to kelly cullen whos pretty kool, and saved my ass from fire really, but also pushed me off the couch. and i got to meet mikes new grilfriend who is a lot kooler then his old, and i think her name was kristin but i dont know how to spell it so ya,plus i cant forget that i got to hang with krista, emily, julia, kelly S, mr lee, heather and others, it was fun besdie the makeout room it made me feel lone and i always walk in to see someone either makin out or i sit then they sit beside me and start, at one point i was the only person in there not with someone it was bad, then dan wike touches my ass, didnt really need that though. the only bad thing was that mystomach hurt and i had to go outside and get fresh air alot, once i got locked out tear. but i hope krista that you feel better since when i left you were sad, but she probly wont read that so ya. actually my ass was grabbed alot that day brandon did to and some other ppl. thats just strange now that i think about it. well it was still the kool think to stay at the table with the food so pshh ppl that didint. well thanxs to thoses that talked to me and stuff at the party it was fun. well the bad thing was that i could have sayed later but i am pretty sure no one wanted me to stay later so ya, since my cousin had already talked to my mom and see was alright with me staying but ya i went to another party that wasnt as good all i did was skate thru there house and play video games and pool since they were all drinking and i dont like to drink. but i didnt get to my cousins till like 5 am then i went to sleep right away and they have like two dogs that love me so they had to sleep with me on the bed and they hogged the blankets and stuff but they are kool dogs, then i got picked up by my other uncle and we walked main street for a bit, then went to berlin turn pike and played laser quest and did ok not as god as middletwon, then i went to a chinesse food buffet and ate so much crap that i feel fat now, sushi is so good, and those dounut things are great to. then i came home d got yelled out since my grandma thought that i spent that night at the prty or was dead or something and then she learned that it wasnt me and i ok now shes not mad. so ya i had a pretty kool weekend.

funnyest times at the party i thought were=

coke falling onto krista and kelly and leaving a wet mark that look ike lips on kristas ass
brandon running into mikes foot and getting fit in the nuts
the triangle that appeared over my head
and last nike and some girl walking down from upstairs and the girl was fixing her skirt

ok the last one was scary too
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something to pass the time   
10:05pm 04/03/2005
mood: used
hey ppl, bored since everyone is doing kool stuff and ya i couldnt go but hey i get to sleep early hurry, well i got to borrow the useds new cd and its great. i also dont get why ppl hate the matches and letterkills, fuckers, i dont think we are playing the ormin church since kemp and ryan dont want to, tear, but i get to stay at my grandparents house this weekend and it should be fun since they let me do alot of stuff. well today was suposed to be band practice but no so we have it tommarrow but for today we just sat in ryans basement alot and ya it was gay, then we got to go over erics and play halo and i wasnt too good at it but then i got better when they added snipers, i am a really good sniper once i find a good place to shot from, but ya me and robb where a great team if so many ppl would stop calling everyone during the game (no one calls for me or eric though, poor eric) then robb left my team so it was like three on two on one and i got kill to end the game that pissed me off. but kemp and robb got into a fight almost but i keep it from happening since i dont like to see friend fight it bothers me. oh ya me and robb loked kemp in the back of robs car and he started screaming it was funny, and i might be getting my permit so can drive soon if i passed geometry, fucken hate that teacher. well that it for toady beside... well nothing thats it. oh ya my finger is still really messed up and now its all stiff and feels like a rock, thanks robb
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idk bored and cant talk on the phone   
09:34pm 03/03/2005
mood: Horny and Bored
hello there
the angel from my nightmare
the shadow in the background of the morge
the unexpecting victom
of darkness in the valley
we can live like jack and sally
if we want
where you can always find me
well have halloween on christmas
and in the night well wish this never ends
well wish this never ends

i'm missing you to

where are you
and im so sorry
i can not sleep
i can not dream tonight
i need somebody and always
this sick stragne darknes
comes creeping on so haunting everytime
and as i stare i counted
the webs from all the spiders
catching things and eating there insides
like inoncent
and i call you
and hear your voice of treason
will you come home and stop this pain tonight
and stop this pain tonight

dont waste your time on me your already the voice inside my head
(im missing you to)
dont waste your time on me your already the voice inside my head
(i missing you to)

that song is great and i did it all from my head. (used to be a song between me and somene else) but ya its still the best song, thats that slow. well the band is getting confused and crazy since we have this show the 18 yet half the band wants to play the other dont think we are ready, i dont know wat to think but ya. rob t just joined again to play lead and now i play bass like it was a guitar but i am afried they might kick me ut since i ot that important to the band really. so ya i just take up room. but hey who knows. im pretty sure kemp doesnt want me in it. but no one reads this i dont really know why i keep write but hey the journal loves me so its loves my crappy stories. i got ot go snowboarding on a skateboard, with ryan kemp and robb, it was mad fun i did pretty good then i started to fool around and we tried to go down two on a board, not smart, and we tried me on robbs back again not to smart, he dropped me. the bad think about the day was that i got in a bit of trouble with my mom for coming home to late. so been hangin at my house sleeping and stuff. i een writing this song and its pretty kool but i dont think the band will do it since "it sounds to much like senses fail" but hey wat can i say i love them. oh i got accepted to a colleage... yes me art school of pittsburg its really good for art and i really good at art.... i hope. well ya its should be interesting, i hate snow now i cant skateboard till it melts so ya tear. i gunna hold a survay to see wat part of a band gets the most girls since i was talking to mike and he said a screamer gets chick and i dont beleive him to much so wat does everyone think, well journal wat do you think. wow i wrtie alot. well i going to laser tag hopefully toarrow or at least band practice so ya. i stop wasting time and just go do something else less .... idk, later beautifuls
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just a re cap   
08:56pm 28/02/2005
mood: bouncy
hey ppl, just telling ya everything i know, so well today was the first day back to school, it was ok. well last week was great, i had band practice monday and wensday and we have finch down packed "stay with me" i get to play lead guitar that song. i beleive our shows go, march 12 we play a dance ( set goes finch "stay with me" fall out boy " chicago is so 2 years ago" then blink 182 to tribute them since they broke up) then i believe we open for double think if we are ready, i been writing a song for that show, then if we make the talent show we play april 7 finch again. well the band got a name its done no if and or buts. A formal note, bitches. well i also got to hang with my borhter alot and talked to ppl online, talked to this lannie girl she was pretty kool, she likes my friend ryan. and i got to hang with my portland family, well friends now since they dont look like they remember me, beside like heather, emily, cara, and kelly, but ya. its was fun to see krista, kristin, brandon, eren, nike, kelly, and brooke, i think that everyone that i knew. laser tag was fun i got t be a human sheild and i came in 4 once. it really was kool to see portland still remembers me, tear. oh ya for all that know my pinky finger is still slown and black and the nail broke under the skin so it wont heal for about 3 months. plus ryan hung out that night and i got to jump of a balcony into snow and we wrote a song its ok, but since i wrote it it sucks. you cant really write about love when you dont have any. but hey beside that i went to the mall with my brother and his girlfriend got a cd (senses fail - first album, buy it love it, actualy by both love them) then sunday went to laser tag again i think i am really getting into it, i went alone and meet this kids there who was pretty good and it was like me him and four other red guys vs like 15 blue, and we won.... well not really but we did steal there fort and everyone of us shot it twice and i shot like 110 ppl mabye i forget but i did good, got second. but it was funny that we almost beat the blue team, it was like 85000 to 110000. l i might go friday but i have no one to go with beside my made man kemp and dan, so if anyone wasnt to join call me at 267 4310 or page me at 538 9841, and if you want any info about the band or shows page me. well lets see wat else is there besides that i cant feel my finger. i think that it well later all till i think of more interesting things to talk about.
oh yes if you see jess d call her kermit she likes it..... well she doesnt but its funny
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its been a long time come   
08:11am 24/02/2005
mood: horny
hey ppl it travis, hows it been, it the week of vacation so i been have band practice alot and its starting to go good. we have a cover of a song, finch - save with me, and were been writing song too. the band right now is me, ryan, kemp, mike jones, and mabye mikes drummer dave, but its been fun, got to go see hidden in plain view, and punchline, and hellogoodbye at the webster. it was crazy since it was one of the last shows so they throw snowballs at us, shot silly string, throw toilet paper, it was great, i got to meet hate 2 have 2 go back which is this really good band from ct, and saw a thorne for every heart. i also got my ass handed to me in the mosh pit, and i lost my shoe, that oddly ended up on the stage with punchline afterwards, that was interesting. well yesterday was the most fun any of us had in a while, we had band practice, and it started at like 11 and went till 6:30, so we got alot done but we were fooling around alot, we did the used test of jay, and for all that dont know the test it from box full of sharp objects, were they pour wax onto your chest and jay thought that he was strong enough to do it, well he wasnt. then kemp tried to kill mike by giving him peanut butter when mike is allegic to it. then kemp was acting like he was stone and we got to beat up on him. it was fun. till i got my finger slammed and now its all puffy and slown and black but its all good, just was hard to sleep last night. plus my dog wouldnt move over to give me room. well i going to fall out boy in april which should be fucken crazy they put on good shows. hmmm oh anyone have a suggestion for a cover, i thing we might do mcr or senses fail or the used since everyone likes them. well i am hungry so i gunna go eat then have band practice again later folk.
qoute of the day-
kemp - i love everyone but im not gay

band first seen in april 7 at the east hampton high school hopefully all should come
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idk just talking bout shit   
07:18am 14/02/2005
mood: green
hey ppl wat up, been ok lately i forgot to say i got to talk to the coolest person friday, miss emily, and i got to talk to heather last night. talk to kemp and ryan and hung out with ryan yesterday just played guitar thou, nothing to great. i have a my chemical romance shirt hurray, well i am got to be going since kemp wants to do something, oh ya we might have a song to play..... well nevermind .... well actually we may, fall out boy bitches..
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wow my mom hates me   
07:20am 13/02/2005
mood: horny
hey peeps i have to tell you that my mom sure does hate me, this week she been yelling at me every chance she gets and also called me a faggot, ya it sucks and well this weekend i had to be saved by my brother since he was afraid that she kill me so i got to go to the mall and snowboarding since he wanted me away from here so she could cool off. the mall was interesting really crowded and this chick overdoes in the hallway to the bathroom and then just fell to the ground, then another chick stole some stuff and then went running throu the mall then got caught it was funny. then snowboarding was ok little boring at first but then meet up with matt castel and snowboarded with him and this other kid it was kool the other kid was real good but later ryan is here. poor poor ryan. :'(
to long   
07:19am 09/02/2005
  hey ppl its me ... and ryan, my bass player. we finaly have a band but no name any suggestions, i like In Sundays Best, but there is also Secrets Dont Make Friends. hmm if you didnt know i had a girlfriend for about a week, its over again. now i search for a new girl. i been playing alot me have a few song in my band that we play, but i want to do static lulluby, or from first to last, but kemps not hardcore enough. i got bitched at by my mom nothing different, skate boarded alot, got my ollies and other stuff done. its new its a zero, and ryan got a new board when i was with him, its a mystery. we also feel throught ice and snowboarded down stairs, but ryan was to pussy to do it. oh ryan went out with this one girl twice in a row during one week then will do it again, plus went out with another girl before that for about a week, i got a new shirt ... well two new shirts but they are the same. finaly this week i got to dress in a suit, and i get to be a twin with kemp so i have to go since i have to give him my shirt. listen to montys fan club good band and all other bands i have mentioned. bye bye for now my lovers  
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i feel unimportant   
01:47am 19/01/2005
mood: numb
i feel so unloved no one calls me anymore i feel alone ..... cricket cricket.... well someone call me 538-9841
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they called me a punk, and i thought i was hardcore   
01:36am 19/01/2005
mood: i thought i was hardcore
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